Tips for Minimizing Distracted Driving

Not only are distracted drivers putting themselves at risk, they also put the lives of others on the road in danger. The 10 tips listed below will you help you minimize driving distractions and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Separate From Your Phone: While our phones have become an extension of our arms, driving is a time when we need to separate from them and keep our hands and eyes on the road.

Utilize Wireless/Hands Free Calling: Most new cars have a hands free calling system built in, and there are many affordable Bluetooth speakers you can purchase. If there is a call you need to make or take, be sure to do it hands free.

Pull Over: If your car doesn’t have that feature and you haven’t yet purchased a hands free device, pull over to a safe area before making a call.

Ask For Passenger Assistance: Asking your passenger(s) to make the call or respond to a text is a much safer way of staying in contact.

Know the Law: While texting and driving is universally recognized as something you shouldn’t do, some states also prohibit the use of cell phones for making and receiving phone calls. You can find out about your State Traffic Laws here.

Plan Ahead: If you’re going on a long distance drive, or traveling somewhere unfamiliar, put the address in a GPS ahead of time to prevent yourself from taking out your phone or handling the GPS mid-drive.

Mind Your Pet: If you are traveling with a pet(s), be sure that their harness is secured prior to driving.

Distract Children: Provide your children with toys, games or books that can keep them occupied and under control while driving.

Eliminate Multitasking: While snacking, drinking, brushing your hair and/or other mindless tasks might seem harmless, even the slightest distraction while driving can be fatal.

Lower the Volume: Not only can listening to music at high volume cause permanent hearing damage, it can be a distraction to you and other drivers on the road. You can still enjoy your favorite song during your morning commute, just do so at an appropriate volume.

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