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–   We understand the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Rules and Regulations and we make registering Fleet and Company vehicles easy for you. Please review the following information and contact us at your convenience for further information.


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PA Fleet Registration and Titling Services

–   Confused about what you need and how to title and register your vehicles as a fleet, we can help! The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers Fleet Registration for approved businesses. Fleet registration makes it easier for these businesses by providing one invoice with all the vehicles expiring in a given month. The invoice simply needs to be signed, filled out, and submitted to PennDOT with the required fees.

–   *Please note: If we are able to process your Fleet Registration work online, we will, however in some cases messengers are required to submit the proper documentation directly to PennDOT.  If that is the case, Fleet Registration services generally take 4 to 6 weeks. 

PennDOT FAQs – Fleet Registration

PA Business Organizations and Non-Profit Corporations Registration and Titling

–   Confused about what you need and how to title and register your vehicles under a company name, we can help! The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires proper identification for Business Organizations and/or Non-Profit Corporations to title and register automobiles in a Company Name; for further information please review the following link or call us!

–   PA’s Identification Requirements for Completion of Motor Vehicle Applications by Business Organizations or Non-Profit Corporations

–   *Please note: In most cases the actual registration can be issued the same day, however certain circumstances require the application to be sent by messenger to PennDOT. If so, this service generally takes about 4 to 6 weeks. If possible, we will provide you with a 90-day temporary registration.  The actual registration will be returned to our office and we will call you as soon as it comes in!