FMC Electric – August 2022

August 24th, 2022

I get all of my company vehicles titled and registered at John’s. All of the people handling my vehicle paperwork are professional and informed. They are quick at handling the paperwork and can multi-task quite well! While I was getting my paperwork completed, I saw each of the attendants answer several phone calls while still handling the work of in person customers! I also use John’s for my personal vehicle paperwork and just the other day, I had to call them while I was trying to purchase a car. It was a Saturday and I was calling from Vermont to ask a question about a title transfer for a vehicle that I was going to purchase. The person who answered my phone call, took the time to have me send a picture of the title and then call me back with the proper information. This with no guarantee of payment!!! They saved me from possibly making a costly mistake!! Well done!

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