Best Places to Ride Your ATV/Snowmobile Near Philadelphia and Bucks County

snowmobiling and atv trails near Philadelphia and bucks county

Snowmobiles and ATVs provide some exhilarating experiences. Riding them through beautiful locations can be both picturesque and exciting. Finding places to ride these amazing vehicles is sometimes incredibly difficult to do. Here’s a list of the best trails to take your ATV or snowmobile to near Bucks County and Philadelphia.

Here’s a list of the best ATV trails near Bucks County and Philadelphia.

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Marienville Trail

You can find the Marienville Trail in the Allegheny National Forest. The trail opens up access to the entire trail system within the forest which spans over 100 miles, with the Marienville Trail representing 14.2 miles of it.

Allegheny National Forest ATV Trails

There are many more trails that the Allegheny National Forest brings to the northern edge of the forest with trails like Rocky Gap and Will Creek being some of the favorites. These two trails make up about 50 miles and are on the more difficult side, perfect for those looking for more of a challenge.

Mountain Ridge ATV Park

Mountain Ridge is another ATV dedicated park located in Eastern Somerset County. The park has six easy trails, six moderate, and 4 marked as high difficulty making this park a great time for all skill levels. There is a fee upon entering Mountain Ridge but it is well worth the great trails and facilities.

The Lost Trails ATV Adventure

The Lost Trails are open all year long, being just 25 minutes from the Pocono Mountains in Dunmore, PA. The trails offer stunning views as you climb the Pocono Mountains. With over 2,000 acres of property to their name, there are plenty of different terrains to choose from at The Lost Trails.

Mines Meadow ATV/RV Resort

Mines Meadows offers 84 miles of recreational trails occupying close to 900 acres. The unique attraction of Mines Meadows is that the trails are situated around a number of different mines which give you a new perspective and a fantastic experience.

Rock Run Recreational Center

Rock Run offers over 140 miles of trails located in Northern Cambria. A highlight of this park is that trail maps highlight the difficulty of each individual trail in the park making it doable for riders of all levels. Expect to climb up to the top of the Allegheny Mountains and get some spectacular views.

Darkwater OHV Trail

The Darkwater trail is located in Pottsville, PA, and is 30 miles long. The trail climbs more than 3,000 feet so be prepared to climb a lot at this woodsy, open trail.

Here’s a list of the best snowmobile trails near Bucks County and Philadelphia.

Loyalsock State Forest

When conditions are permitting, over 16 miles of trails are open to snowmobilers in Loyalsock State Forest. Roads that are legally open for snowmobiling will be posted with signs appropriately, however, most trails are open to joint snowmobiling and licensed motor vehicles.

Forbes State Forest

Forbes State Forest has over 115 miles of groomed state forest roads and trails open for snowmobiling. Contact the district office for a copy of the Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Trail System map, showing designated trails, or download the map here.

Delaware State Forest 

The Delaware State Forest maintains nearly 115 miles of snowmobile trails which are open to the public. 70 of those 115 miles are groomed and maintained. A fun feature of this trail system is that it is pet-friendly!. In order to ride here, snowmobiles must be registered and covered by liability insurance, and riders must wear helmets.

Bald Eagles State Forest

The Bald Eagle State Forest has about 250 miles of trails that are open to the public. There are 14 different access points to their trails which can be found via one the many maps available. Properly registered snowmobiles may be operated on these roads following the official closing of antlerless deer season until April 1 or earlier as determined by the district forester.

Rothrock State Forest

The Rothrock offers about 200 miles of roads and trails for snowmobiling. Some trails are better suited for these activities than others. The Colerain, Stone Creek, Alan Seeger, Pine Hill, Galbraith Gap, and Kepler Road trailheads are plowed for winter access by recreational users.

Allegheny National Forest

Snowmobile tracks at Allegheny National Forest are generally open from December 20th to late winter. You can enjoy all the trails that Allegheny has to offer by staying in the nearby towns of Warren, Bradford, Marienville, Kane, or Ridgeway.

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