Philadelphia Fishing Spots

Despite Philadelphia being one of the largest cities in the country, it does still have a large number of spots where one is able to enjoy the serenity and calmness of fishing. Here are 5 fishing spots to check out in Philadelphia.

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John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
8601 Lindbergh Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19153
The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge is a protected green space located within the city of Philadelphia. The refuge is loaded with diversity and supports marshes, open waters, mudflats, and woodlands.

Pennypack Park
8500 Pine Road, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Pennypack Park stretches over 1,600 acres of woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and fields. The beautiful cousin of Wissahickon Gorge is a perfect place to fish and enjoy the outdoors in Philadelphia.

Fairmount Park
Reservoir Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19119
The largest municipal park in Philadelphia, Fairmount Park, consists of two park locations (east and west) spanning over 2,000 acres in total. The park is divided by the Schuylkill River which is where fishing would take place.

Wissahickon Valley Park
Valley Green Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19128
The Wissahickon Valley Park contains 2,042 acres of parkland in Northwest Philadelphia, including the Wissahickon Creek from its confluence with the Schuylkill River.

Pier 68
1751 South Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19148
Located at the end of Pier 70 Boulevard at the Delaware River, Pier 68 creates a beautiful scene that allows catch and release fishing.

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