Best Motorcycle Routes To Take Throughout Bucks County & Philadelphia

motorcyle routes to take from bucks county and philadelphia

Riding a motorcycle on an open road through beautiful scenery is one of the simple pleasures in life for some of us. Finding a route to ride on? That’s not so easy. That’s exactly why we have produced a list of the best, well-known routes for you and your group to take your motorcycles out on and enjoy the day.

Here are the best motorcycle routes to take throughout Bucks County & Philadelphia.


(40 miles for a day trip)

Take this route by hopping onto Route 340 starting in Downingtown, and following it all the way to Lancaster. The roads are smooth and make for an easy, relaxing ride. Following this route will take you through some of Pennsylvania’s beautiful countryside. In addition, you’ll have the privilege of witnessing the simple life of the Amish people. 


(27 Miles for a day trip)

The best way to start this route is with a hearty breakfast from Hank’s Place near the intersection of highways 100 and 1 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. After your belly’s full, jump on your rental motorcycle from Philadelphia and follow 100 south for a few miles until you reach route 82 where you’ll head west. After a while, you’ll pass through the charming town of Kennett Square, which is known as the mushroom capital of the world. After passing through Kennett Square, make a right onto route 926 and head east. Eventually, you’ll hit 100 south again, and you can follow that back down to Hank’s Place.


(50 miles for a day trip)

This route starts in Yardley, PA, and gives you great views of New Jersey across the river.  This route runs up through Narrowsville and eventually turns into the 611. Follow 11 north for a final 9 miles into Portland, Pennsylvania, where you’ll conclude this beautiful ride. In addition to views of the forested river, the northern portion of this route has scenic cliffs—great places for some awe-inspiring pictures.


(140 miles for a day trip)

This is the trip for people looking to get a taste of the more rugged, coal mining lifestyle. To ride this route you would start on 309 North just outside of Allentown, riding that up to Route 54. On Route 54 you’ll ride past many coal mining towns before you hit the town of Ashland. Once you hit Ashland you can head back on 54 and go on 61 South where you’ll hit many more coal mining towns before reaching Hamburg.